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Cinnamon Sky has seen a few different members since it's inception in '89. I'm happy to say that the line up we now have is a solid one and it's a real pleasure to be playing with these guys. We always seem to have a good time when we’re playing, whether it’s at rehearsal or at a gig.

People tend to think of us as a country band, something that I strongly disagree with. If we have to be put into a class I'd rather it be Americana. Kinda folk, bluegrass, southern rock, cowboy, country and rockabilly all rolled in together.

I’ve had lots of folks tell me that they like the name Cinnamon Sky and they wonder where it came from. Well, it came from a line in a song that Willie recorded called "A Horse Called Music". "High on a mountain in western Montana, a silhouette cuts cross a Cinnamon Sky, riding along on a horse he called music, with a song on his lips and a tear in his eye." I liked the way it sounded and how it made me feel.

Please feel free to contact me and we hope to see you soon!

Happy Trails - Brad