David Golden - piano, accordion & melodica

David grew up in New York City, where he studied violin with Israel Chorberg, bass with Rick Laird, and sang in the Church of the Transfiguration Boys Choir. In high school, he wrote music and played in the band for two musicals at the now-defunct Walden School. After a ten-year hiatus and a stint in college, he started playing keyboards for fun.

"I was in a couple of pretty bad Grateful Dead cover bands before I met Brad," he says. "Once Brad started putting Cinnamon Sky together, things got serious. I drafted the bassist and drummer. The rhythm guitar player drafted the fiddler and lead guitarist, and pretty soon we were a wall of sound. Once Cinnamon Sky 1.0 broke up, I stopped playing for a long time. Brad and Ted pulled me out of retirement."

A chance meeting at a memorial service for Michael "The Fiddler" Snyder led to a guest spot in early 2011, and the years melted away. David is enjoying the corner spot, trying to protect his teeth from Ted's headstock, and adding new sonic colors to the Cinnamon Sky sound.